7 Things That Can be Done With an Apple Pencil

Follow the below-given tips and tricks to understand your “Apple Pencil” better. It doesn’t matter if you have the original model or the second generation one, you can do many things with your Apple pencil along with drawing and writing. Several things can be done with Apple Pencil. For example- Were you aware of the fact that you can replace your Apple Pencil’s tip?

Here are the best Apple Pencil tips and tricks

  • Replacing the tip of Apple Pencil

Use Apple Pencil continuously, and the tip will be worn down. Unscrew the tip from Apple Pencil and replace It with a new one. 1st generation Apple Pencil will be coming up with one replacement. Users need to purchase Apple’s Pencil Tip 4 pack for a 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

  • Tilt for shading and press for pressurizing

If you are drawing with the help of Apple Pencil, then the users can shade in an area by shifting “Apple Pencil” to a single side. Move the plane surface of the point of the pencil and shade well. Same as you do with an analog pencil.

 Apple pencil is sensitive to pressure. Most of the drawing and writing apps are there that support Apple Pencil. Users can make thicker or the thinner lines according to the pressure put on the tip of the pencil.

  • Palm Rejection

When we were using last iPad styli, it had one significant disadvantage, and that was you needed to hold it in a way where you couldn’t rest your palm. Stylus and developers of application both made palm rejection feature. Most often it needs you to disable another feature. You manually need to turn the palm rejection on. While using Apple Pencil, iPad pro also has a near perfect palm rejection feature.

  • Check Apple pencil’s battery

When you need to check the battery of Apple pencil, then it can be done with the Notification Center widget view along with the Notification Center widget view. The widget will be showing the battery level of the present device.

  • Double tap to switch modes on the second generation Apple Pencil

Latest “Apple Pencil” appears up with a horizontal facade that may be tap twice for switching between the tools. For example- while writing or painting with “Apple Pencil” and commit a mistake. Make a double tap for switching to the eraser tool. Use a double tap for switching among present and the previous devices.

How to change the double tap function for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil

  • On the iPad Pro, go to the Settings.
  • Touch the Apple Pencil.
  • Hit the switch that is between Eraser and the Current Tool.
  • Switch between Current Tool and Previous Used.
  • Show Color Palette or Off.

Tracing through the paper

It is a cool feature. Users can even write on iPad through paper with the help of Apple Pencil. The regular printer paper will do the trick.

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