How to fix fingerprint scanner not working issue in Galaxy S10

Fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S10 has an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, all the Smartphones before S10 use an optical sensor. Both work entirely in a different way, Ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is extremely faster than the older technology. As this technology has just arrived, users don’t have much knowledge about it. If your Galaxy S10’s fingerprint scanner is not working, then try these fixes:

Solution 1: Try pressing properly and a bit harder

Although the fingerprint scanner of Galaxy S10 is ultrasonic and more sensitive, it doesn’t work as the older one. It sends the sound waves of the skin to work, so there is no need to press harder. But if you’re not pressing correctly, it might fail to work. Try to press little harder and correctly it will work.

Solution 2: Remove screen guard or protector

Samsung Galaxy 10 already has Gorilla glass, and it is enough for the protection of your screen. But if you’ve added an additional screen protector, then it may be the cause of your not working or poorly working fingerprint scanner.

If you remove the screen protector, fingerprint scanner sensitivity and screen’s responsiveness both will improve.

Solution 3: Remove and again add your finger

Still the fingerprint scanner is not working after removing the screen protector? Remove the added fingerprint and set up your finger again. Now, when you set up your fingerprint again make sure to move your finger in different angles and directions so that the scanner captures your fingerprint from different angles. While registering your finger try to hold the phone in all positions, you use it.

Solution 4: Turn on Touch sensitivity

If the fingerprint scanner is not working as it was or stopped working, then a screen protector might be the reason. If you’ve already removed it, still fingerprint sensor not reading your finger then turning on screen sensitivity may help. You can also enable it if the screen responsiveness is getting slow. Follow the steps to turn on touch sensitivity:

1.    Open the app tray.

2.    Open ‘Settings’.

3.    Open ‘Display.’

4.    Scroll down to the ‘Touch Sensitivity.’

5.    Turn the Touch Sensitivity switch on.

Solution 5: Install updates

Updates come with fixes and improvements in the software and functioning. Samsung devices generally receive updates, check for the updates for your Galaxy S10 and install them to your device. Installing updates will also fix other problems and enhance your device performance.

Solution 6: Factory reset

If still fingerprint scanner isn’t working, then you can “Factory reset.” Factory resetting will wipe all the data and settings of your Galaxy device. If the problem is occurring because of any wrong settings, then it will restore, and fingerprint scanner will start working.

Steps to reset Samsung Galaxy S10:

1.    Create a backup of your essential data.

2.    Remove your accounts.

3.    Then open ‘Settings.’

4.    Scroll down to ‘General management.’

5.    Open ‘General management.’

6.    Click ‘Reset’.

7.    Click ‘Factory data reset.’

8.    Read the given details.

9.    Click ‘Reset’ to proceed.

10.    Click ‘Delete All’ to confirm.

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