Norton Nu16

Get Started – Download and install your Norton Nu16

Norton Utilities 16 is a reliable and efficient PC tune-up software. Want to know how to install and activate Norton Utilities 16 setup? You can get Norton Utilities 16 by visiting Search for the product key on your registered email address or inside the CD envelope to activate the NU16 setup on your computer.

How Can You Download Norton Utilities 16 Setup?

There are two methods to download Norton Utilities 16 setup. The first is to download it online. The second one is to download by inserting the compact disk into the CD drive on your PC. Here's how:

download, install and norton setup

How Can You Install Norton Utilities 16 Setup?

For installing the Norton Utilities 16 setup, you have to go to the downloads folder first to open the downloaded file. Once you have to find the downloaded NU16 setup, then you can follow the steps listed below to complete the installation procedure:

norton setup installation

How Can You Activate Norton NU16 Setup?

Open the installed Norton Utilities 16 setup file and after that, start activating it by following the activation steps mentioned below:

activate norton setup

How to Access Norton Utilities 16?