Norton Setup

Get Started – Download and install your Norton product

Norton Antivirus gives overall protection to the system and it regularly scans the entire computer. This antivirus instantly blocks all the sites which have malware content in it. As all the viruses damage the files in the device, but it removes the infected content by scanning intensely in the device. When you are using any mail account on the default browser, it also scans the entire emails and blocks the harmful links provided in the mail. Norton Antivirus should be updated and upgraded regularly so that you get a proper scanning of the device.

How to Download Norton Setup?

In case the users wish to increase the safety of the folders in their system, then they should go for the downloading process of Norton setup. This process can be through online or offline mode. Here's how:

download, install and norton setup

Steps to Install Norton Setup

After completing the downloading process of Norton setup, the user has to start installing the Norton setup by opening downloads folder. Here's how:

norton setup installation

How to Activate Norton Setup?

The user cannot use the Norton Setup on their system without activating it. The user needs the product key for the activation of the Norton setup. Here's how:

activate norton setup